Jan 23

Off The Grid 101 Box Set: The Ultimate Guide to Generating Off Grid Power. Amazing Off Grid Ideas for Projects to Get You Off The Grid (living off the … the grid, projects to get you off the grid)

BOOK #1: Off The Grid 101: Outstanding Lessons for Living Off the Grid and Protecting Your Loved Ones

In our modern society we are constantly bombarded with unwanted emails, phone calls and advertisements and constantly concerned for the security of our personal information. Sometimes we wish we could simply get off the grid and have some peace of mind. Now, whilst for most of us a complete break from the digital world is not possible, there are a number of ways that we can do more to protect our personal information to keep us more secure and to prevent us from being the target of unwanted advertising and digital harassment.
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Jan 19

Bike Art 2016 Wall Calendar by Amber Lotus

Bike Art 2016 Wall Calendar: Cycling is a practical and exhilarating way to get from one place to another. This eclectic tribute to the beauty of the bike incorporates the work of twelve talented artists who capture the essence of the two-wheeled wonder.Perfect for bike commuters and avid bicyclistsContains many unique secular like Bike To Work Day and Mercury Retrograde timesCalendar cover indicates Amber Lotus has planted 500,000 trees as an environmental offsetObserves a large number of religious holidays from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu and Pagan traditions

Jan 17

iPhone 5S Case SustainabieLivimg Kinvara SustainabieLivimg Sustainability Hard Plastic Cover for iPhone 5 Case

SustainabieLivimg Kinvara SustainabieLivimg Hard Plastic Cover for iPhone 5/5S Case

Jan 15

Little House Living: The Make-Your-Own Guide to a Frugal, Simple, and Self-Sufficient Life

From the immensely popular blogger behind Little House Living comes a motivational homemaking book, inspired by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie, featuring creative, fun ways to live your life simply and frugally.

Shortly after getting married, Merissa Alink and her husband found themselves with nothing in their pantry but a package of spaghetti and some breadcrumbs. Their life had hit rock bottom, and it was only after a touching act of charity that they were able to get on their feet again.
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Jan 12

Rodale’s Organic Life All Access

Rodale's Organic Life, a bold, new lifestyle guide that turns creative inspiration into authentic action for the things you care about. Encompassing four main areas – food, home, garden, and wellbeing – Rodale's Organic Life recognizes that each person's approach to living organically is unique. In every issue you'll find information and tips to help you with your goal to embrace new experiences while living and consuming thoughtfully.

Jan 11

Prepping For Pennies: How to Prep on a Shoestring and Still Be Ready for SHTF

Can you prep even if you are really on a tight budget?

If you look back at history, before we had all our modern conveniences, people lived on a lot less than they do now, and they survived.
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Jan 09

Pure Linen Snack Bag, Eco Friendly Lunch Container, Natural Lunch Bag with Drawstrings, FREE Shipping

Another eco friendly alternative to plastic! These lovely natural linen snack-size bags have all natural ties and French Seams. Reuse them day after day. Easily laundered, they can be washed along with your other kitchen linens. Great for chips, cookies, crackers, nuts or trail mixes. Fill and toss into your lunch bag. They also make great little bags for snacks on outings. Get them for your young'uns, your sweetie and for yourself. No more fighting over the animal cracker box. Size approximately 5 1/2 x 6 1/2 (exterior). Tidy French seams.

Jan 07

Mini Farming: Sustainability with A Backyard Farm (Slef sufficiency, Sustainable farming, self sufficiency living Book 1)

Sustaining your family the healthy way: Organic farming in a small space!
In today’s economy, there are ways not only to save money, but to create healthy eating choices, by using whatever space you have available to grow your own food. Organic gardening is booming. Even with a backyard, you can prepare, plant, nurture and harvest a natural garden which will produce organic vegetables and fruit; so much better than buying from the store! The book explores egg and meat sources too, and offers suggestions to use vertical as well as horizontal gardens in the process.
With helpful instructions, plans and guidance for obtaining permits, building coops, and other structures, the book will help you also deal with garden enemies such as grubs, insects, and disease.

Creating a sustainable life for your family can be a pleasure for all of the family. These gardening ideas not only help you to create your own mini-farm, but can be fun for all the family too! Activity levels increase and you’ll experience a deeper interaction with nature, as well as knowing the source of your own food! The results just speak for themselves.
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Jan 03

Biodegradable Poncho

Hood with adjustable stopper to keep securing on head 3.0 M One size fits most, 50 x 80

Jan 01

Green Living – Saving Water: Water your Garden while Conserving our Water Supply

Water is one of this earth’s most precious resources. Our world is one large network of water flow, and we should each do our part to conserve the water and keep it clean! While we think about the oceans being full of billions of gallons of water, it’s important to remember that we cannot drink salt water. When you look solely at the amount of drinkable water on the planet, only 1% of the water on our planet is water we could drink. It’s important that we preserve this water as much as possible.

Think of how you use water each day. Are you careful with it, to use only what you need? Do you ensure that the water is not polluted or contaminated as it heads back out into the world?
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Dec 29

Off the Grid Living: Your Guide To A Frugal, Independent And Self Sustainable Life (Homesteading & Preppers Guide)

In these days of expensive, polluting energy more and more people are choosing to live ‘off the grid’. What does this mean? Traditionally the phrase refers to people who chose to disconnect from the electricity grid and survive either without power or to generate their own. As alternatives such as solar and wind power have become cheaper and more efficient this choice is becoming more and more mainstream.

For many people, however, living off the grid is a lifestyle choice where they go even further, providing their own water and growing or rearing their own food. Is this the lifestyle for you? This book will help you decide
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Dec 27

A People’s Ecology: Explorations in Sustainable Living

Book by

Dec 26

Urban Homesteading; Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living

9781616080549 Features: -Title: Urban Homesteading. -Sub title: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living. -ISBN: 161608054X. -ISBN 13: 9781616080549. -General subject: House and home. -Subject: House and home / sustainable living. Subject: -Gardening. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Age Group: -Adults. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -1". Overall Width – Side to Side: -10.25". Overall Depth – Front to Back: -8.5". Overall Product Weight: -2.85 lbs.

Dec 25

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Dec 21

Tiny House Living: Your Mini Guide to Making Best of Your Tiny Home with Building Tips and Decorating Ideas (Minimalist Lifestyle & Decluttering)

For anyone that has wished to get out there and grab life by the reigns. The enchanting world of “tiny homes” holds a very special allure. Saddling up to live in a space that is smaller than most studio apartments is a big leap for most of us. But if you are informed and know what you are doing you can go a long way with the latest in tiny home designs. Since the trend has advanced, so have the choices. In what was once a very obscure market decked out with a very small variety of tiny homes has turned into a veritable smorgasbord of tiny home consumption.

And as the supply and demand rapidly increase for these homes the possibilities they present will increase as well. So as you way out the options, use this book as your guide. The information contained here will lead you through the markets, dealerships, licensing agencies and construction firms until you finally have that tiny house you always dreamed of!
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